Republic Square’s Favorite Valentines Day Ideas that Spread the Love

Republic Square’s Favorite Valentines Day Ideas that Spread the Love

Going out to eat for a special meal is typically an exciting highlight to any family Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to spend your entire budget just to treat the family to a night out. Republic Square has tons of eateries to give you Valentines Day ideas the entire family will enjoy. Whether you are craving Italian, Chinese, or Tex Mex, we have restaurant options you’re looking for to have a low-key Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Here are our favorite Valentines Day Ideas at Republic square

Find Spicy Valentines Day Ideas at Chipotle

Chipotle is known for having delicious Mexican food made from fresh ingredients. Chipotle offers fresh food the whole family will enjoy at affordable prices. The build-your-own options make it easy to find something even your pickiest eaters will love. Enjoy burritos, tacos, salads, and more when you stop at Chipotle at Republic Square.

Enjoy Authentic Chinese Cuisine in a Relaxed Setting

Chinese Food is a favorite for most families these days, but instead of ordering takeout for Valentine’s Day, why not come to Shanghai Express! After a long day of shopping in Georgetown come in to enjoy a delicious meal with the ones you love. Shanghai Express is known for its crispy spring rolls, fluffy steamed or fried rice and an abundance of favorite Chinese dishes served right here in Georgetown.

Keep Dinner Simple with Pizza Hut

Whether you are trying to figure out an easy meal to order in for Valentine’s Day, or you simply want to take the kids to a restaurant where they’ll find something they actually want to eat, Pizza Hut has a delicious menu of hot eats waiting for you. Pick up a pizza while you’re out shopping in Georgetown for last-minute Valentine’s gifts, or grab a table to enjoy your meal right here.

No matter which Valentines Day ideas you end up going with, your family will most certainly remember the time you spent together over a no-fuss meal in an environment that lets you focus on the time spent together. Interested in more Valentines Day Ideas? Head to our directory today! 

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